Mistress They are my shiteaters and toilet sluts ($44.99 ScatShop)

My slave girls are perverts. Kat learns with great zeal to serve, to be a slave girl, and my toilet whore. Maya enjoys shit, every second of it in shit. Now there is no life for them without it, now they are my shit-eaters and toilet sluts
1. First taste piss & shit for Kat
The first experience of submission for my new slave girl Kat was successful. So us need fix result. Today I have prepared a lot of new things for her. At first need warm up and get excited. Lick my pussy and ass, lick well, sweetly. Well done, I like your tongue. And now came the first experience of playing with dick. Suck, suck deep, take him deep up to balls, and then he’ll fuck you in your virgin ass. Yes, I can hear you moaning, so you like it, little slut. It’s time for me to have fun with you, fuck you, piss on you, and shit. How do you like the taste of my pee? And here is the shit came, now you will learn take shit from me, on the body, on face, and then in mouth, you will become my toilet girl. And of course, we will fixate today’s lesson with good spanking. Oh, how I like teach and educate new slaves, they are so soft and pliable, like plasticine, I sculpt from them all what I want
2. Enjoyment smoking and dirty games toilet slavegirls
My slave girls are complete perverts, they love shit, piss and dirty games. Maya just enjoys shit, she can go for hours and even days all smeared in shit, for her it’s huge pleasure. Kat is still learning and getting used to shit, but she has her own quirks and inclinations. She loves playing with golden rain, catches my spittle on the fly, and loves being an ashtray. I just can’t get enough of what wonderful depraved toilet bitches I have

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