MakeKatPurrrr – Shitting for You Vol. 2 ($35.99 ScatShop)

Kat teases you and her pussy showing off her ass that she knows you love so much. Winking her freshly shaved asshole getting it all ready to release her shit for you. Squatting down on her knees Kat spreads her ass and let’s out all that she can. Spreading her ass nice and close to the camera Kat pushes with all her might giving you a nice prolapse and some left over goodies still stuck in there. Sticking in her finger Kat spreads her asshole open so you can see inside. Grabbing her thermometer Kat anally take her temperature and shows you the results. Showing off her load to you Kat brings it over and drops it in the toilet to see if it leaves you any streaks behind. Then spreads her ass and shows off her creamy pussy and left over pieces of poop.

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