DirtyBetty – Silent Huge Load Lullaby ($18.99 ScatShop)

– “This dirty shitty siren sings a real lullaby inaudible until the warm rays chase away the agonizing expectation of dawn in the company of this huge sexy ass, ready to torture you with fragrant treats all night long. Now you are in her power, and the only way to avoid her dirty torture it is to open your eyes and wake up… you are trying hard to do it, but her soft stuffed with fresh fragrant, and warm shit is already so close that your strength leaves you and you stick your nose right into her dirty hole. You no longer need to breathe, now you are her disembodied servant, and all you can do is listen to her silent lullaby while remaining locked in this absurd world of filthy desires and stinking actions!”
– “Are you kidding? Is this your real description of the video?”
– “Yes, something like that would sound cool!”
– “And where is something in the spirit of hashtags or the names of the main actions”?
– “Oh, you’re whining again, since you can write the description yourself”
“Ok, ok, I think this style of description suits your personality.”


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