ArtofScat – FALLEN LEAVES ($39.99 ScatShop)

The hospital halls are silent and peaceful as it is the middle of the night but underneath the sheet of cloth covering a wheelchair breaks the atmosphere! It is revealed that it is a helpless nurse who has fallen victim to her patients! She is in a completely helpless state! She is naked, strapped tightly by the arms and legs, and in an inverted position with a dildo sticking out of her pussy! She is gagged but the device is removed for her to be served with dick! This leaves her with no choice but to perform a blowjob! While one of the men is busy fucking her throat, the other is inserting an enema tube in her asshole! Eventually, the dildo from her pussy is removed and her asshole is also cleared of any obstruction! With the enema she received, she couldn’t help but defecate, consequently releasing wet feces which ends up flowing down her body and on her face! Since she was filled quite good, she keeps on pooping uncontrollably, resulting on a massive mess! When she is finished, the men proceed with dildo fucking her asshole and they take their time, making sure to let her reach orgasm, and when she does, she couldn’t help but pee in the process, which ends up pouring all over her face!


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