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Scatqueens-Berlin – Lady Amy First Time P1 ($9.99 ScatShop)

The Scatqueens made a small Scat Party with Mistress Michelle, Lady Amy, Lady Grace and Lady Sandy. Lady Amy want to shit in a slaves mouth for her first time and our 2 toilet slaves are perfectly for that. In this part you can enjoy the big pile of shit from Mistress Michelle.


Janet – Shit and Smearing in my Jeans ($12.99 ScatShop)

I love my light blue jeans so much and I love to poop in them. I do it always with pleasure and sexy. 😉 I am in beautiful light blue jeans with bare chested and beautiful bare feet. Look at my ass. I decorate jeans with my creamy shit. 💩💖 Admire and fantasize. I know that you love my beautiful nice creamy ass. Lick my shit straight out of my jeans. 😛 I know you love it. This video is perfect from start to finish. Enjoy your viewing!


Devilish Diarrhea Yazmins Explosion In My Mouth ($14.99 YezziClips)

This is the most amazing clip. I ate a lot of junk food yesterday, so you can see the great diarrhea. See how i loads smelly diarrhea and shows you how dirty is my ass. See how shit falls on the floor in my kitchen. I cum as you’ll be staring at my ass and lick it with your tongue. I does it for you cuntdown. Disgusting smell, dirty ass, cumshot pussy. Rub your tiny dick. Lick my cum.
You must to watch this clip! I struggled to keep this in while i set up my camera, it turned me on so much!


Cynthiagarcia1212 – Shitty Anal Dildo ($19.99 YezziClips)

I’m nude and hungry for some big into my tight asshole. Are you excited just like me? Are you getting hard when I flash my naked petite body and talking about asshole? I knee in doggy and present my ass and asshole close up then stick first 1 of my finger then 2, 3 and I try to fist my ass first time. I try to push my hand inside. But this time big poo reveal inside my ass and hard to fist my ass as hand hits my shit inside. Asshole also gape itself because of big shit inside. Painful and pleasure at same time. I guess I’m ready for my big cock dildo. Slowly penetrate in asshole and keep playing with. It’s just so big to me this time as well. My face express all of pain and pleasure. I keep trying to stretch myself step to step and dildo gets dirty by my nasty shit. And I can’t wait to push it out on the dildo. I gape asshole, fucking in doggy hardly and made it dirty with some shit. I’m moaning and desperate to release it. It’s so hard to push it out but I won. Afterwards I turn to missionary legs bending next to my head and in great sight to dirty gaping asshole, I do some prolapse as well, and made my holes super juicy and wet by dildo. After few minutes of missionary anal fuck I turn back to my fave doggy pose and keep enjoying my shitty ass. I’m your little dirty slut on my forth and just let you cum deep inside my pretty shitty I also ensure lots of close up gaping asshole view. I zoom to my close up dirty asshole and still gaping it then pushing out bubbly wet farts xtreme close. You can get view into my anus nicely 🙂 Lot’s of intense anal, gaping, dirty stretching, big shit, moaning and more. Have fun 🙂


dirty masturbation in white pantyhose dirtyscatgirl ($7.99 ScatShop) – Smearing

Today you will see how it behaves horny bitch when she needs her orgasm.My favorite color is white. Very combine well with to color of shit, it’s a wonderful contrast.I like the combination of nylon and shit, it’s very exciting for me.I love to play with myself, and I’m glad if somebody looks masturbating and I shit in my mouth and shit in pussy.I think you could see that shit is my passion!!!

Length: 14:42s
Resolution: 1280×720
Download Format: mp4
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