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ModelNatalya94 – Shit mouth again pose 69

Scat, Piss, Big shit, Lesbian, Eat shit, Smearing

Dear lovers of posture 69. In this video you will see Olga and Yana. We shot a video where we shove each other in the mouth. First we tongue caressed our anus and clitoris, thrusting the tongue deeper into the vagina. Then we shit and wrote right in the mouth. Then we kissed each other with dirty mouths and swallowed even more warm shit. Drooling flowed along with the remnants of shit on our breasts. We enjoyed each other and were glad that we were two together!…

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ModelNatalya94 – Carolina and Yana pose 69

Scat, Piss, Big shit, Lesbian, Eat shit, Smearing

Yana and Caroline love to caress each other, this time, the girls caress each other in a lesbian 69, Caroline is lying on his back with the bottom of and Jan with the top and girls at the same time caress each other anus, they definitively do it carefully and licking Asses to each other. Also in this video, the girls shit in each other’s mouths and at the moment when the shit comes out of Carolina Jan does not stop and continues to caress the ass of Carolina with his tongue, just when Yana shits in Caroline’s mouth, Carolina caresses Yana’s ass with her tongue. Girls Yana and Carolina really like to shit and piss in each other’s mouths, caress dirty ass from shit. You can fully enjoy these beautiful girls…

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Shitting on white panties – Milla, Saori Kido, Demmi

Scat, Piss, Spit, Big shit, Lesbian, Domination, Eat shit, Panty, Smearing

Saori’s belly is huge! Swollen by the gas and lots of shit accumulated in her gut, this slave can’t hold the farts and ends up shitting all the white panties she is wearing. Everything gets full of scat and pieces of digested food are all over the floor. When Milla, the other slave, sees the situation, she fights with Saori and tries to repair before Demmi, the domme, arrives. For their bad luck, Demmi opens the front door seconds later and sees all the shit scattered around the room. Very furious at what her slave has done, this domme obliges the two slaves to eat all the shit, to kiss and rub it all over the body, leaving them as disgusting as they left her house!…

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MFX-615 Amanda’s Career (2005/DVDRip)

Scat, Piss, Big shit, Lesbian, Eat shit, Smearing

Werfen Sie einen Blick auf diesen großartigen Film mit Scheisse verschmierte Haare und Scheisse schluckenden Szenen! Die Schüler Latifa, Amanda, Mary Casto und Rayssa Furtado sind in der Klasse und lernen was ihnen die Lehrerin Barbara Christina beibringt. Als die Lehrerin die Klasse verläßt übernimmt Latifa den Unterricht in der Gruppe und es werden alle kleinen Schüler mit viel Scheisse und Pisse bestraft. Im Zweiten Teil ist Amanda ist eine Ärztin mit einzigartigen Methoden, Jade ist ein Patient, der schon seit Tagen Probleme mit dem Darm hat. Amanda bittet Jade um eine unglaubliche Medizin…

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Panettone with shit drops – Victoria, Saori Kido, Patricia Carter

Scat, Piss, Spit, Lesbian, Domination, Smearing, Eat shit

Saori is tired of having to prepare Christmas all by herself, and gets angry: she eats her domme’s panettone and smokes her cigarettes. To her misfortune, Victoria catches her, and will count on the help of her friend Patricia to give Saori the Christmas dinner she deserves! Victoria forces Saori to eat the panettone, Patricia makes her puke it and soon after she is forced to eat all over again, with goo and vomit! The dommes spit on the food, piss on it and even shit, teetering between hard pieces of scat and diarrhea. Saori gets extremely demeaned to eat panettone mixed with shit, piss and vomit, and as much as she suffers, she keeps obeying the girls. What a disgusting Christmas!…

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Punishment for cheating – Outro

Scat, Piss, Spit, Vomit, Big shit, Lesbian, Smearing, Eat shit, Domination

These two students were caught cheating on the test by all their other classmates. Furious at the girls’ dishonesty, the classmates come together to punish them, making them chew the test papers in the first place. Soon after, the cheaters have to suck and lick the pussies and asses of the other five colleagues, making them moan and cum. Finally, they lie on the floor and the five girls piss on them in endless jets, emptying their bladders and soaking them. For the main touch, the girls use the cheaters’ mouths like a toilet and shit piles on the, so they chew, rub on their bodies and get covered in the digested food scraps that form a very stinky brown paste! Yuck!…

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