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Laceyloumartin1 – Mummy poops & pees/JOI ($12.99 ScatShop)

You are my role play step son. You’ve been out shopping with mummy and have done a good job helping her. However, she has noticed that you were looking up her skirt and she has also noticed that you spy on her when she is going to the toilet. What a little deviant voyeur you are! Mummy isn’t cross; in fact she is amused and decides to let you see more. She shows you her cunt and then squats down to pee and poop whilst playing with her pussy. She instructs you to wank your little cock at the same time and give you a cum countdown. Once you’re done she tells you to clean up her mess and not to tell anyone our little secret!


XshayXshayX – Your BBC (RP) ($13.99 ScatShop)

I love your BBC. In my hands, in my mouth… but my favourite place to enjoy your firm N dick is right up my white shit hole. You do it so well and it makes me cum so good. Give it to me.

I use my black dildo, spitting all over it, jerking it and finally riding it and fucking my shit filled hole. My asshole oozes shit, I want you to fuck it! Fuck me with that hard, big N dick!!!


37. White heels starring in video MiaRoxxx ($9.99 ScatShop) – Efro

Pooping a HUGE pile and pissing in my living room in white heels. Love this clip!

Length: 1:08s
Resolution: 1920×1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 105 MB

Sold By: : MiaRoxxx
Categories: Efro, Pee, Poop Videos


Margo – BBW Gotta Shit a Lot ($18.99 ScatShop)

After a big dinner this morning I feel shit just piling up inside of me and I need to let it out! I bend over on my knees spread my chunky ass and tease you. Showing you my big tits and a pretty smile. 😉 I bet your cock is hard already. I put two different front view on camera and let the shit fall right out of me. The sound my shit and asshole were making were so moist and delicious I love listening to myself shitting! It really turns me on that you love watching me take shit! 💩 I love teasing you with my shitty stained butthole! I enjoy holding all my poop in until my asshole cannot take it any longer … then letting my big arsehole shit it all out out in front of the camera for you! Enjoy!