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Natalia Kapretti – See you like being shit eating whore

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I see you like being a shit-eating whore. Now we will deal with you with my slave girl. We’ll dress you up like a bitch, fuck in mouth and ass deeper, and of course feed you our smelly shit 1. Eat aa slavegirl shits, pathetic shit eater-toilet You pathetic shit-eater, you’re going to be whore tonight. I will dress you in corset, make you up like the last whore and slut, and give you into the service of my a slave girl. Today you will find out and feel how pathetic you are, nonentity. My slave girl Angie aaa aaa enthusiastically took up her new toy, bandaged his cock and inserted urethral dilator into the penis. aaa Nipple clamps are now an integral part of your wardrobe, patient and go with them constantly. We’ll paint your lips as bright red as a whore’s. Get down on the floor quickly, you’re going to eat shit now. Slave a girl happily stood over the mouth of her newfound living toilet bowl and began piss and shit profusely in his mouth. Come on, eat her shit, you pathetic shit-eater, you’ll be her toilet all time now 2. Entertain us pathetic shit eater-toilet Well, pathetic shit-eater, eat the shit. Now we’ll play with you. We’ll twist your nipples, check deep throat, and fuck deeper with double-sided strapon in ass. Fun is in full swing. a You do not relax, eat shit along way, today you will have busy day

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Scatdesire – Toilet For Scat Mistress

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You want to shit yourself out and catch a complete failure as a living toilet. Already as I aa slap slave face the dirty sow suffers so that a relaxed toilet course is impossible. When I shit on the aa plate, I got really angry. Yesterday I had eaten a lot of grilled meat with lots of onion. It all came out now, even the asshole stretched my ass. The toilet could have shown once that it also creates such a solid load, but at the end I excite him from suffering and smear shit all over his face, slave had to clean aaaa everything away does not go at all, I want to finally relax with the shit.

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Janet – Toilet Slave Scat Feeding

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I tease my slave with a beautiful body and use it as an ashtray. I watch the submissive slave taste my shit. Next time I make this loser eat my shit completely – he will have no choice and will gladly gobble up all my poop and lick my ass clean.

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ModelNatalya94 – Two bitches in a blue dress

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Good night, our dear fans, fans and just those who came to spend time with us and may go with us further, with our videos, because there are a lot of them and they are all exclusive in their own way. In this video Carolina Mistress, she has two dogs Yana and Marina and who serve her, whom she leads on aa leashes, showing their asses and hanging boobs. Caroline takes turns driving her obedient dogs, then she shit in a dog bowl and the dogs ate it. Then the dogs themselves defecated in a bowl and Mrs. Carolina made Jan and Carolina eat a mixture of all the shit. Obedient dogs ate shit from a bowl and their faces were aa dirty. When they bent over their asses stuck out and this gave Carolina the idea to fuck them. She put her slaves on the floor with cancer, Jan’s dog brought her phalos in her teeth and Mistress Carolina fucked aa them in the ass. The rest of the mixture of shit and urine Carolina poured into the mouth of Yana and aaaa Marina. Here is such a wonderful video with Mrs. Carolina and two dogs, Yana and Marina, I am adding today for you. This is our archive, in which we have kept many more great and exclusive videos for you, our aaaa beloved! Happy viewing!

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Scatdesire – Open Your Hole – Shit is Comming

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My toilet loves to eat shit. For two days it is the only food the slave consumes. On time the slave appears for dinner. Lying under the toilet chair, he receives many spicy sausages for a long time in his slave mouth, which he swallows good. Finally, he gets some slaps and is spit on by the mistress.

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Margo – Huge Portion From Two Girls!

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Our new toilet slave is very capable of eating shit! I decided to test his abilities and bring a friend to use him too ?? How cruel yes I know. Let’s see if he can eat a really big portion of shit mine and her! Oh, and he has to drink our pee from glass too … ANd this is only the beginning, I am planning to use him all week and more until he can’t eat any more shit or maybe until he can’t do anything at all….

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