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Natalia Kapretti is Russian Scat Domina and here you can download all videos with she from my exclusive scat videos collection and watch later on any device.

Natalia’s Studio was born in 2017. The first shootings feed over successfully. I felt the strength and energy that marked the beginning of numerous videos and photos. 5-6 years ago if someone had told me that I would be scat Mistress, I would have laughed, but now, it’s one of my favorite practices, my fetish Scat

Natalia Kapretti – See you like being shit eating whore

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I see you like being a shit-eating whore. Now we will deal with you with my slave girl. We’ll dress you up like a bitch, fuck in mouth and ass deeper, and of course feed you our smelly shit 1. Eat aa slavegirl shits, pathetic shit eater-toilet You pathetic shit-eater, you’re going to be whore tonight. I will dress you in corset, make you up like the last whore and slut, and give you into the service of my a slave girl. Today you will find out and feel how pathetic you are, nonentity. My slave girl Angie aaa aaa enthusiastically took up her new toy, bandaged his cock and inserted urethral dilator into the penis. aaa Nipple clamps are now an integral part of your wardrobe, patient and go with them constantly. We’ll paint your lips as bright red as a whore’s. Get down on the floor quickly, you’re going to eat shit now. Slave a girl happily stood over the mouth of her newfound living toilet bowl and began piss and shit profusely in his mouth. Come on, eat her shit, you pathetic shit-eater, you’ll be her toilet all time now 2. Entertain us pathetic shit eater-toilet Well, pathetic shit-eater, eat the shit. Now we’ll play with you. We’ll twist your nipples, check deep throat, and fuck deeper with double-sided strapon in ass. Fun is in full swing. a You do not relax, eat shit along way, today you will have busy day

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Natalia Kapretti – Want be toilet slave, you’ll eat shit

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Crawl over here. See this toilet seat, this is Mistress seat, and here, under the lid, is your seat, slave. If you’re going to be my toilet slave, you’ll have to eat shit, day after day. And I’ll sit on your face and shit in your toilet mouth. Watch carefully, this is how piss and shit will enter your mouth. Umm.. how delicious smell of shits is. This smell will be native and unforgettable for you

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Natalia Kapretti – Toilet bowl is her competitor

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have a real toilet wars raging at home. Maya is jealous of my porcelain toilet bowl. I barely managed to get them make up and kiss each other. And only a little calmed down Maya finally climbed into aa the bath to wash off the shit

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Natalia Kapretti – Teach slavegirls love shit is teach enjoy

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Teach slave girls love shit is teach them enjoy shit. By educating and training my toilet slave girls, I combine habituation to shit with pleasure. They get used being in shit, get used to taste, they a masturbating and fucking themselves in shit. And their feelings mix, merge, covers they up. They already a perceive shit as part of ritual of getting pleasure. I shit in her mouth, and an explosion of taste, smell… and in a minute she’s already cumming. Happy smile spreads across her face, and I know she’s pervert now, a mine forever. I am shitting on slave girl head, she is not yet accustomed to shit, all feelings are still a new to her. And here she is all in the shit, moaning, enjoying, I fuck her and she cum, she realizes that a this is how it should be, that now it will always be like this 1. Sits on pot, eat my shit and masturbateI bought a pot for my little slave girl, she shits and shits in the middle of the room. She joyfully sit gg onapot in the morning and what do you think… shat on the floor again. Shit jumped out of her ass and slid aaa along the edge again was on the floor. After shitting, she stood up and looking at shit on the floor in her eyes was read a dumb question “And who did it?” After quiet breakfast I also wanted to shit. Lie down on the floor, my shit-eater, your stinking breakfast is coming. Little toilet slut, quickly laid down, and I took huge, thick poop, which she grabbed and started chewing, smacking. You like shit-eating, you like my shit, it’s really good. With satisfied smile, she nods her head, eats shit and smears it on her body. She loves my shit, its taste, smell, likes to eat it, smear and masturbate. My shit turns her on 2. Shit on Kat head, doing from her, toilet So, let’s continue training my new toilet slave girl Kat. She’s already tasted my shit. Now we will teach her get used to shit and be in shit. I want her perceived filth and shit as fun, so… I took a shit on her head, smeared it all over her and started fucking, fucking like a bitch, so she g enjoyed, so she came and squeaked with pleasure. I will make dirty fucking bitch out of her, she will ask g me for shit with passion and desire

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Natalia Kapretti – Slave-toilet – sexiest thing in the world

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How much fun you can get by fucking your husband in the ass, stretching his point to a huge aaa hole. Believe me, very lots. My husband’s ass now enter two hands, leg, I freely fuck him with my fists and with pleasure give his ass to be torn to pieces by my girl friends. And of course, slave husband must serve as a toilet bowl. Streams of shit flow into his mouth, fill it up and he chews it, tries to eat, it’s aaaa sexiest thing in the world, man – toilet bowl 1. Huge pile of shit, sea of piss I took a good shit and had fun this morning. For better digestion, you always need move more. When I woke up, I decided fuck my slave. He grunted and groaned when my fist invaded his fucked ass, and when my favorite huge strap-on flew into a him, he jumped up and his eyes widened. I like it so much when he has such face, it’s so funny and I happy about it. And then, then I really wanted to shit. As soon as he lay down on the floor, I crouched over his mouth and dumped huge pile of shit into him. Yes, this is best feeling, relief, but after looking at him a lying with mouthful of shit, I had an idea. Putting strap-on in his mouth with shit, I sat on him ass and began jump, enjoying movement and feeling of fullness in my ass. This fun ride made me want to piss and aa shit again. Powerful stream of urine hit slave in mouth and he choked trying to either swallow or spit out my urine. But before I could take a piss, soft shit started spilling out of my ass. Shit started falling a into the slave’s mouth. It was so exciting, so hot 2. Double shit, eat it faggot, bitch, shiteater aaaa aa

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Natalia Kapretti – Spread your ass I’ll fuck you foot

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Kiss my feet slave, better kiss, I want to feel your eagerness. Now turn around and expose your leaky ass, I’ll fuck you with my foot. Yes, how warm it is, how pleasant. Spread your ass wider with your a hands, I want to go as deep as possible. At this rate, entire foot will soon be entering in your ass. aaa a Here’s a good fellow, how well you ride on my leg, for this you will be rewarded, I will allow you lick my ass and of course I will shit in your toilet mouth. How nice it is have slave husband and use him as I want and when I want

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