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MissAnja – New Filthy Scat Sports Pants

Farting, Pee, Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing

I wear only an orange pair of socks on. Starting with suffering to hold my shit and I describe my feelings for you. While I’m desperation you can admire my toned naked body all over. Shaking my pretty ass front of your face, doing sexy squats and I’m asking you how much do you love my tiny shit hole? I bend over on your face and talking dirty of my big shit inside. This will be the best shit in your life. Your s dirty dream come true definitely. Did you see my orange socks on? Would be great to stroke your cock with s it. You don’t have any other chance just jerking off. I’m always right. I ask you to taste pussy and ass s right now. I squat extremely close up to your face and playing with my shit hole, winking for you. Reveal s poo inside and believe me hard to not shitting myself. I do some squats and pushing out this filthy creamy huge amount of shit standing. Smelly and kinda disgusting as it should be. I tell you to smell. Sniff my s pretty ass and smell my shit in the air. You love it. My question is?! Do you worship my ass nicely? I just pushed out a big poo for you to play with. Are you up to for some smearing fun? I grab my creamy shit and start smudge all over on round booty on my side. Such a perfect poo to play wiht, are you agree? I make a s new knee lenght sports pants. Enough dark, texture it thick to get a new pants. Smearing on my tiny body ss drive you crazy. You’re begging me to being there with me. I made scat yoga pants, leggings, socks, bra sss previously so it was time to get my new sports pants this time. Before I go doing even more sexy shitty sss squats on your face. Did you cum? Have fun

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MissAnja – You New Dream Job Ass cleaner part 1

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I’m naked front of you. My black toes and soft creamy pussy drive you crazy. I love the пппп па thoughts you can’t resist me. I’m already suffering from shitting. So hard to keep it. I’m moaning for you and tell how bad it is. Describe a bit my feelings and pushing my shit smeared asshole to your face. You no have any other chance just obey me. I put black toes and barefoot into focus you can’t take off your eyes. I don’t push my poo out but it’s leaking. It’ll be such a disgusting kinda diarrhea shit this time. Would а you like to get it on your face? Do you wanna taste and clean my ass? Spread my pussy and ask you to clean my shit hole. Do I need to explain how you should clean off my ass? I bet I gave you few lessons in the аа past. But let it do. Stick your mouth and tongue all around my poopy hole and suck it. Cleaning feels so а good especially when you lay under me. I’m getting even more dirty for you. This is your lucky day. You’ll never ever forget this day I guarantee. You got the job what you’ve been apply. You are my NEW ASS CLEANER! Got it? My shit melting like a chocolate just take it all then I allow you to clean off my ass. Take my ааа shit and clean your fave asshole ever. After you got all my creamy filthy shit I keep asking you to worship and clean around. You got a nasty diarrhea today. You deserve it. Be my new slave, Be my new ass cleaner а and everything would be great! My pussy cream dripping down of pushing hard, asshole pretty swollen and аа shitty, you have such a hard cock in your hand and I bet you are so happy to being my new slave! Be nice аа and keep your job ?? Have fun

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MissAnja – Pink Hoodie BBC Gaping My Shitty Hole Farting

MissAnja – Pink Hoodie BBC Gaping My Shitty Hole Farting

I’m wearing my new pink hoodie set on without any undies. I love pink, do you like what I like even more? Shitting 🙂 My asshole is sweaty under my pants. It is just soft and warm then I can get sweaty easily under. I bend over show off asshole teasing you in my pants, show tits and tell you about I have 2 toys to play. One of my diamond butt plug to prepare butt hole before I insert my BBC Dildo to stretching wide and nice ass hole. Plug get’s shitty pretty quick and on the other hand I feel my hole today is super tight 🙂 I wanna give you my plug. I want you to play with it and insert to your asshole this poo covered stinky toy. Would be fun wouldn’t it? I take my BBC dildo and practice deep throat for a while and also gagging on. Lots of spit on it. Then I penetration painfully into and it makes me shit pretty quick .I tell you so many times it’s so big to my asshole and gaping all over in the video. After shitting I keep playing rear ass view to cam talking dirty and talking about dirty fantasies of yours. You can hear me moaning first because of pain but then of the pleasure. Could be a great idea that while you fucking me from behind in doggy you insert my shitty plug into your ass? How it’s sound? 🙂 Dirty fantasies for sure. I encourage you to fuck me in doggy pose then turn back to lay down and keep gaping my asshole while talking dirty how you destroy my hole and I get myself ready to you to cum on my dirty gaping asshole. Just because I know you love hearing farting me I fart loud 2 times before you cum. You know what’s your job, fill me up 😛 At the end I show the pile of poo and some seeds on it 🙂 Have fun…

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MissAnja – Monster Shit, Anal Gaping Dirty Fuzzy Socks On

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I start to tell you how soft and dirty my fuzzy socks. Would you like to sniff it as like I do? I know my dirty socks is your weakness, and you know what else? My wet pee panty and dirty asshole. I knew it. I start to soak in yummy pee this cute meshy panty, Warm pee under me. I pull down a bit my panty and pucker asshole a bit backward. Then take it off and start to sniffing my pee panty, lick it and taste it. I tell you my naughty boy if you sniff my pants you get harder and harder. Do you want to get harder? ? I take my dildo and suck on it and excite and rub it to my asshole for you. Sort of wet noises which turn to dirty dildo because have to shit so bad. When I pucker asshole poop just look out of my butt hole. Also slide the dildo into my ass which is make me poo earlier. Everything what I make dirty I do because of you. I tell you have to poo so I cannot wait for long and release my monster shit. Oh WOW. Can you see how giant shit is? I zoom on it, such a long and giant snake for you. After shitting I dildo my ass and stretching it. Gape it. I ask you which way do you prefer, cum into my dirty ass or on my dirty asshole? Your choice. I fuck my asshole for you over and over and encourage you to cum when I tell you. When I say ‘Now’ you should cum wherever you want on or in to asshole. You can listen the wet noises from my asshole during gaping it by dildo. I know you cannot get enough of my asshole, don’t you? Then I gaping a bit more and show off the poo covered dildo. And one more time close up the huge pile of shit ? Looks amazing!…

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MissAnja – POV Very CloseUp Shitting With Body Smearing

Scat, Piss, Big shit, Solo, Panty, Smearing

I really had to poo in this video. I have to hold it so much. I’m totally nude and teasing you as always, showing off my perky tits and round ass, feet. I filming in POV for awhile and you get amazing extremely close view to my arsehole and pussy. I like puckering and do few times for you. Then push out my big turd, half hard then comes out softer poo from this pretty asshole. Still very close up view. Puckering my swollen asshole and peeing. Then I put the camera away, and smearing my yummy shit on body, first on my sexy feet, legs then tits and tummy etc. I put on my lips too ? I love this video. So sexy really enjoyed. HD quality with crystal clear details. With lots of love from me?…

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Eat Shit, Sniff Farts Straight From My Ass (23.03.2021) 19,99$ (Premium Request) via MissAnja

Title: Eat Shit, Sniff Farts Straight From My Ass
Cast: MissAnja
Genre: Scat, Piss, Big shit, Solo, Prolapse, Dildo, Smearing
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I wear white crop top and strappy panty on. You’re wondering why are you here today don’t you? Well your dream come true today by me. I have a good news and bad one. The good news is you can eat my shit directly from my ass the bad one which isn’t that bad maybe you’re not ready eat all of it yet or even don’t want it but you should eat and taste my shit today. I show off my ass my magic ass cause yummy food coming out from this hole. When I need to shit you’ll take it all. I wanna feed you well so that wouldn’t be a question you wanna eat or not my poo. I tease you and make ready my ass for you. I knee on doggy and insert a dildo to butt hole and really feel my big poo in. Gaping and stretching it straight to your face and hopefully you’ll getting ready yourself to take all my shit. You know where you should go under me lay down. But be patient because I love playing with my ass and if you leave me giving pleasure your tasty shit coming soon. Did you understand me? Good boy. So I’m ready to feed you ope wide your mouth. Oh wow. I poo a big one for you. Sweet and delicious poo to your mouth. After I poo show you the pile of shit which you take it right now and chew it don’t you? I have one more surprise which my fart dirty boy. I wanna fart straight to you face and you going to sniff it. Stinky asshole and smelly farts. What a great Goddess I am. In doggy I dildo my asshole and farting several times.Wet and nasty farts without and with dildo in my ass. You just stick your nose on my butt hole and sniff it. Hm…All the things made you hard as I see. Great. You know whats your job now. See you next time when You’ll be hungry nasty boy.

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