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AnnaCoprofield – White Leggings Diarrhea

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I’m full of shit and my belly is bloated. I pull my leggings up and piss a lot so that they become almost transparent and you can perfectly see how I shit in them. My shit is very liquid and easily flows through leggings(Over the past 2 days I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables apparently that’s why I have diarrhea and shit contains a lot of undigested food pieces and seeds).
I want to fuck my ass with my biggest toy to get more shit , but I do it very gently and slowly so as not to damage my asshole with shitty seeds. I fuck my pussy with dirty toy also and … I was not going to do this, but I really wanted to fill the pussy with shit at least once so i do it
I smear shit, make my leggings dirty…Enjoy!

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Anna_Coprofield – Inside Dirty Schoolgirl’s Filled Pussy Part 2

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Inserted in the ass the subject of inspection wants to shit and tolerates then savorily obasralas, just loves his warm smelly shit!

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Anna_Coprofield – Let’s Fuck My Both Holes Pussy Filling

Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing

And another video about filling and cleaning pussy, which was made by custom request?? The aa video is divided into 3 parts. Total duration – 01h 25min.I show you the inside of the pussy close up, then I shit and wipe my ass hole so no shit shows on me. I take up my dildo and shove it into my pussy, I fuck myself with it a bit, then switch it in my ass and fuck my ass a bit. Then I pull the dildo out and switch it to my pussy and then to my ass back and forth. I put some shit on the dildo and put some shit on my aaa pussy. Hard little pieces of food in shit are scratching my ass but i continue switching my dildo back and forth. I say things like: ”i love the shit inside me”, ”i need the shit deep inside” then I stop and wipe things up so my outside is all clean I show my pussy close up again, ’close’ it up and show you how clean it is on the outside, I say: ”look at the pretty pussy”, ”but deep inside shit is inside”. I open up my aa pussy and show you what is inside (I open and close over and over again). I push my shit out of my pussy aa and ass then I clean the outside again and repeat that all a few times. (It is difficult to stuff a pussy a with shit using a dildo instead of hands, but the first filling was pretty good??) The last time, with shit deep inside, I start masturbating with my dildo. When I cum I pull the dildo out and push the shit out of my pussy close up…Enjoy!?

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AnnaCoprofield – Blue Shorts / Filled Pussy

Scat, Piss, Big shit, Solo, Fisting, Panty, Smearing

This video is made by User’s request. Yes, I finally returned to shooting custom videos, message me and I will give you more info

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