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Greatest Retro Fetish Porn By Abbraxa – 46 videos (Home Porn Archive with Site Rip)


Hello! I am Abbraxa and I welcome you as a guest in my personal playroom.

In my site, you will come to learn of all of my fantasies and desires. I am not your average woman. I love the extreme side of sensuality, and through my site and video productions I share my passion with you.

My fetishes run long and deep… Get ready to explore the darker side of desire and extreme hardcore fetish. It will be a journey you will not forget.

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Shit Brained [Abbraxa] 17 of July 2018 (New)

Watch science in progress as Doc.Turd heals the Shit Brain disease. It’s now scientifically proven that a deep piss and recycled shit enema will calm most shit brain symptoms. Even more, bringing the cunt to orgasm by intense masturbation during the excrement spewing as positive effects on the patient. And to top it all up, the clinical demonstration that skull fucking to puking point helps accelerating the shit spitting action is made. This Doc.Turd experimentation on submissive scat bimbo will convince the sceptical. This well documented 33 minutes demonstration will change perceptions forever. From now on, any shit brain victim can be saved from scat phobia epidemic threat. Don’t take my word for it; get all the facts by watching this explishit documentary!


RELEASE DATE: 17 of July 2018

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