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Drunk Couple Goes on an Enema Trip starring in video Fetidistrojp ($14.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 18, 2021) – Toilet Slavery

They already had several shots too many of extra strong tequila and they want to something real nasty. He suggested getting an enema because he wants his asshole filled out good tonight. So she lets him pee in a cup first and then inserts a squirt bottle up his anus. She injects fluid up his asshole and then shits all over the floor after a while. He puts his face on the filthy floor and starts eating his own shit!

Length: 26:14s
Resolution: 720×404
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 283 MB

Fetidistrojp – Momo Peed – Smeared with Poop ($14.99 YezziClips)

On her day off, dominatrix decides to get a little bit rough and dirty with her slave! She restrains him on the ground on his back and then alternately smothers him with her crotch and ass! However, that isn’t the real torment just yet! instead, she later starts defecating on his face and into his mouth, consequently leaving him with no choice but to chew and swallow! The rest that ended up on his face gets smeared all over him as well as repeatedly pushed down his throat for him to continue eating!

VIP Treatment! starring in video Fetidistrojp ($19.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 07, 2021) – Farting

This spa has a new booking, he is a VIP guest therefore they must do what is necessary and whatever the guest requested. They are under his command!

The VIP guest has arrived and immediately receiving a VIP treatment from the moment he walked in. First they remove his shoes and clothes and lies him in the massage bed. Then they deposit piss in the bowl to wash and massage his feet while he relaxes. Then slowly giving him massage! He is fully relaxed!

The customer is getting anxious, he wants much more treatment than just the smelly piss on his feet. He likes anything that smells, especially sweat, piss and poo smell. Even better if its the actual thing. Masseuse is ready to give him whatever he asks for, she took off her shoes and caress his body and mouth with her pantyhosed feet making him taste some of her stinky sweat. And then move on to riding his face with her panties on before removing them she made sure he knows whats coming next!!! Slowly, she remove her panties and spread her ass towards his face and deposits her shits then smeared him all over his body before jerking him off until he is finished and finally he is satisfied! They made sure that he is definitely going to leave a good feedback!!!

Length: 25:22s
Resolution: 1920×1080
Download Format: avi
File Size: 802 MB

POOP Smear Fest! starring in video Fetidistrojp ($15.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 04, 2021) – Groups/Couples

Schoolgirls in their prime experimental curiosity at its best.

Here you will see two schoolgirls experimenting their desires with each other. One absolutely begging for her best friend to give her deposits to her. Although not yet ready, her best friend has taken out a small enema she bought earlier that day and inserted it in her. It did not take long before her bestfriend spreads her ass infront of her face while she’s patiently lying on the plastic mat they have prepared for her droplets of poo to drop out on her neck bit by bit. They shared a passionate kiss after smelling the stench of poop. It made them realized how much this encounter means to them.

They smeared each other with poop and passionately made love with each other while covered in shit. This is their world, now and forever. They are and have now realized that they love poo! And it makes them hornier by the minute. They finish each other and lies down to catch their breath before cleaning up and getting caught!!!

Length: 21:30s
Resolution: 640×480
Download Format: avi
File Size: 511 MB
Download POOP Smear Fest! starring in video Fetidistrojp ($15.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 04, 2021) – Groups/Couples

Fetidistrojp – Yua Goto’s Poop & Smearing


Title: Yua Goto’s Poop & Smearing
Cast: Fetidistrojp
Genre: Scat, Piss, JAV, Big shit, Fetish, Domination, Eat shit, Smearing
Duration: 00:33:46

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File: Fetidistrojp – Yua Goto’s Poop & Smearing.wmv
Size: 2038307627 bytes (1,90 GiB), duration: 00:33:46, avg.bitrate: 8049 kb/s
Audio: wmav2, 48000 Hz, stereo, 192 kb/s
Video: wmv2, yuv420p, 1920×1080, 24,00 fps(r)

Ass Squirting Mania! starring in video Fetidistrojp ($17.99 ScatShop) – Groups/Couples

Professional couple experiment on their strange fetish of enema.
Anal lover wife is always horny and always wants to get her ass fucked by her CEO husband.

Coming home from work, CEO husband was dragged to their basement for some enema fun. His wife prepared everything for him from messy proofing the basement with black plastic sheets everywhere, just in case it gets too much and the enema syringes, everything is ready by the time he arrives. Wife immediately greeted him with passionate kisses then exposes her firm butt and instruct husband to insert the slime filled syringe in her anus. He added some more milk enema in the syringe and inserted that into her too!

While waiting for the effect, wife gets her pussy fingered and she sucks him off when it happened. She squirted from her ass everywhere! While she was getting fucked, fingered and kissed. Then some more enema insertion before getting fuck some more and she spread her legs as wide as she could and squirted all the liquid out of her ass!

Length: 27:54s
Resolution: 640×480
Download Format: avi
File Size: 850 MB