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Mistress Andreea pantyhose and full kaviar swallowing starring in video GoddessAndreea ($31.99 ScatShop) – Groups/Couples

Finally, Mistress Andreea returned to filming, in a new style! This time much more eritic and much more kinky and bizarre! This clip is unique and EPIC because finally her personal slave showed her that he came to accept her shit and eats it all with great pleasure! At first Andreea aroused him by making him addicted to her, making him her human ashtray, smell various aromas and excite him with her erotic pantyhose, only to obliges him to receive her shit all over his mouth and eat it completely. The slave shows his tongue and mouth and so the Mistress is satisfied that he finally came to swallow all her kaviar and to thank her for it! She also farting for him to reward him for his new skills : to be a full shit eater for her from now!

Format: MP4
Duration: 11 Min
Size: 923 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

Mistress_Andreea_pantyhose_and_full_kaviar_swallowing_starring_in_video_GoddessAndreea.mp4 – 966.87 MB