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Pussy on Pussy starring in video ScatFreekzClub($17.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 12, 2021) – Panty/Jean Pooping

I just finished making my bed up with my new favorite plush pussy blanket. I’ve been holding my shit in my hot tight phat ass all day. Its ready to bust out my big butt but I have been waiting so you can see my hot load. I tried to put whip cream up my fudge packed ass but it didn’t want to go. I wanted to feel my big black dildo up my ass with all my thick shit but it wouldn’t fit in my tight ass either. I can only rim my ass. I loved sucking my dildo thinking it was your dick daddy. Since I can not fit anything up my phat ass I decide to give you instruction on how to beat your dick with my shit. That was a big load in my black leather leggings, I liked mixing my shit with cream thinking it was your cum daddy.

Time To Make The Brownies 1 & 2 starring in video ScatFreekzClub ($17.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 10, 2021) – Toilet Slavery

I made some of my special sweet treats for you, I hope you are hungry. Watch as I fill a huge mixing bowl with my sweet shit these are going in your brownies !! Now lets take the pee out before I mix up that smooth fudge batter with my huge shit. After its finished I pull it out of the oven and tell you to eat my shitty brownies, I seal it and ship it off to you!!
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Be my chocolate licker! starring in video MissMortelle ($17.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 06, 2021) – Poop Videos

I’ll make it clear to you where your place is: Under my asshole, with your mouth wide open. You will not only have to watch, but experience with your own flesh how it is when I unload my chocolate sausage into your toilet hole and encourage you to enjoy it with all your senses. You have to worship my holy ass as much as the noble chocolate portion that I will feed to you. With my dirty talk and a look at my black painted toes I will get this dirty pile into your tummy. You are and remain my chocolate licker!


Ich mache dir klar, wo sich dein Platz befindet: Unter meinem Arschloch, mit geöffnetem Maul. Du wirst nicht nur zusehen müssen, sondern am eigenen Leib erfahren, wie es ist, wenn ich meine Schokowurst in deine Toilettenöffnung entlade und dich dazu ermutige sie mit allen Sinnen zu genießen. Meinen göttlichen Arsch hast du genauso zu verehren, wie die edle Schokoportion, die ich dir verfüttern werde. Mit meinem Dirty Talk und einem Blick auf meine schwarzlackierten Zehen werde ich diesen geilen Haufen schon in dich reinbekommen. Du bist und bleibst mein Schokoschlecker!

Length: 11:15s
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Alonna’s Why aren’t you here Turdmuncher! starring in video funkyladies ($17.99 ScatShop) – Scat

Alonna is one nasty freak!! She’s back with one special treat for her FUNKY followers here on scatshop!! Alonna confessed she never knew she had a scat fetish until she and her ex lover Lashayy started making clips together for me a few years ago. In those two years she has really evolved into probably the most “bout it bout it” FUNKY lady there is!!

Anyways Alonna just made a big cross country move, while waiting for her place to be ready she decided to have a little fun in her hotel room. She begins by telling her loyal slaves how she knows you wish you were there, to eat she shit, and clean her dirty ass with your tongue. She’s disappointed you aren’t there with her, so she decided to give you a dose of what you missed out on!! Enjoy as she takes her frustrations out, removing her butt plug to push out some logs into her hand. THen she takes her FUNKY logs and rubs them all over!! This is that hardcore FUNKY treat you rarely see from any of my FUNKY ladies!!

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Goodness Grace’s “Human Canvas”!! starring in video funkyladies ($17.99 ScatShop) – Smearing

Everytime Goodness Grace records, is a piece of art. She and the massive logs she produces to should be studied and worshiped in a museum for all time!! Every now and then, she let a lucky fan worship directly from her Altar!! This lucky slave boy became Goodness Grace’s newest human canvas from which to Shit on, then smear her corn filled kaviar all over his chest and stomach!! Her healthy vegetarian diet serves as a perfect Natural element with which to paint his body, as he basks in the aroma, while also getting himself off! This is one of the FUNKIEST clips ever from any of the FUNKY ladies and a special treat for her Scatshop fans!! Enjoy this exlusive! We know it’s not possible now, but maybe you can be next when everything opens back up Again! Until then enjoy as Grace makes your Quarantine and Chill Hotter Than Ever!!

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Ass Squirting Mania! starring in video Fetidistrojp ($17.99 ScatShop) – Groups/Couples

Professional couple experiment on their strange fetish of enema.
Anal lover wife is always horny and always wants to get her ass fucked by her CEO husband.

Coming home from work, CEO husband was dragged to their basement for some enema fun. His wife prepared everything for him from messy proofing the basement with black plastic sheets everywhere, just in case it gets too much and the enema syringes, everything is ready by the time he arrives. Wife immediately greeted him with passionate kisses then exposes her firm butt and instruct husband to insert the slime filled syringe in her anus. He added some more milk enema in the syringe and inserted that into her too!

While waiting for the effect, wife gets her pussy fingered and she sucks him off when it happened. She squirted from her ass everywhere! While she was getting fucked, fingered and kissed. Then some more enema insertion before getting fuck some more and she spread her legs as wide as she could and squirted all the liquid out of her ass!

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