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Mommy Shit Her Thong starring in video ScatFreekzClub ($16.99 ScatShop)

Mommy shits her thong for her good son. Mommy goes out with friends, when she gets back in she notices her good boy was up waiting for her. Come suck on mommies breast and drink some of my sweet breast milk before mommy lets you smell her ass. Mommy gives her good boy all of her nasty thoughts while she poops for him on the bed and standing up. Mommy then plays in her shit for her good son. That’s what happens when you do what mommy says, she rewards her good boy!

Format: MP4
Duration: 18 Min
Size: 324 Mb
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Shit from 5 girls, now in my stomach! Part 1 starring in video Smelly Milana ($16.99 ScatShop)

This video can also be called – “Christina bombed my mouth today” – you must hear it! Christina called me and asked – “are we meeting today?” On this day, I did not plan a meeting and her call was unexpected, but I did not find the courage to refuse her, as I love being her toilet. I asked her – is it possible to postpone the meeting until tomorrow? She replied – “no, I have not gone to the toilet for 2 days and drank a lot of alcohol yesterday.” From her voice, I understood that she was in a bad mood and her ass was filled with nectar, which I love so much, and she would not endure until tomorrow. She also refused to wait 4 hours and I had to act immediately. It was Sunday, and I know that on Friday and Saturday she likes to go to various establishments and pamper her tummy with delicious dishes. Later, when she arrived, I found out that this weekend she really had a great time and now her ass has to unload all this, of course, my mouth will be glad to take it all! At first, Christina, as usual, beat me with a whip, this time not hard, as she really really wanted to shit faster. I sat with my back against the wall. Christina turned her back to me, I parted her buttocks and opened my mouth in front of her anus. She said – “are you catching?” As soon as I had time to say yes, and from her sweet hole, a powerful stream filled my mouth with shit. My mouth was completely filled to the throat, today the shit was liquid, I tried to swallow a little, but I could not close my mouth, as it was starting to fall from my face, and I didn’t want the process to look dirty and tried to do everything neatly. I lifted my head up hard to keep the shit from falling on my chest. The sound of the farting was really powerful, and it was evident from Christina’s face that she was ecstatic. She said – “What a thrill it is!” She completely unloaded into my mouth and now my task is to take it into myself as quickly as possible, since Christina does not like the smell of shit and I must make this process as comfortable as possible for her. The process went quickly, Christina even praised me later, when we finished filming and said – “today you did everything quickly, well done” and went home, leaving her nectar in my stomach.

Length: 6:00s
Resolution: 1920×1080
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File Size: 529 MB

Black Friday With Scat Girl starring in video ScatFreekzClub ($16.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 10, 2021) – Panty/Jean Pooping

After shopping all day! I just wanted a nice hot shower, I hate clothes so using when I get in I start to strip. I really couldn’t hold it, as I made my way up stairs. I played it cool as my wet farts came out in my black sheer leggings. I started to feel my warm shit press against my perky anus, it felt like it was about to bus out of my phat ass! I didn’t want you to miss any of the action. So I held it just for you. As it came out my phat ass, it was so warm and wet. My warm wet shit was smashing in my leggings and running down my short thick legs. I like the way it felt, it really turned me on from the smell of my sweet poop…

Length: 13:29s
Resolution: 1920×1080
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Delicious Treat from Mrs. Emily starring in video marcos579 ($16.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 07, 2021) – Groups/Couples

Delicious treat from Mrs. Emily’s ass. Today my slave has come to me again. I met face to face with him, and we were only two of us. This is my favorite toilet slave, and he really like serving me as a toilet. He lie on the floor and waited with awe for the arrival of my Ass. I am a sexy Mistress with a beautiful figure, a beautiful ass and breasts. I began to push crap out of my intestines, and my slave waiting for the treat to appear. He’s really like to watch the process of female defecation.

Length: 14:14s
Resolution: 1280×720
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Pearls, Pantyhose And Shit Play By Goddess Emma Love starring in video goddessemmalove ($16.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 08, 2021) – Efro

I got all dressed up in white. I even painted my nails a silver glitter color. I put on a pretty pearl necklace with matching earrings. I put on a pretty white bra, with white pantyhose, white granny panties and silver shoes. I first pose in different positions to show of my outfit and my figure. I then spread my legs so I can pee through my panties. I then get in the doggie position to shit in my panties. I then pull off my panties to show that I have big shit patty in my pantyhose.I then take off my panties and pantyhose and smear the shit on my face, legs, pussy, ass, white bra and even smear it in my hair. I then take out some dildos and fuck myself in the puss and ass.

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I Will Shit On Your DickMessy Handjob starring in video MissAnja ($16.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 07, 2021) – Pee

I wear a fishnets crop top and mesh panty on with a cute and soft high knee socks on. I start with just show off a bit my outfit and then start out conversations. Well what a great day you’re looking forward. I wanna talk about with you. I wanna talk of your dream what I have just heard about from somebody. It’s a very dirty fantasy of yours and I should could listen from someone else like you. Don’t be shy I want you to share it with me. You want me so badly to pushing out a nasty shit on your hard dick. Sounds such a filthy fun. I know my ass and my personality drive you crazy and you can’t hide away your little secrets from me. I help you to relax. Don’t do anything just relax . I tell you to don’t touch yourself just enjoy the view to my little ass then I start stick a pink plug into. My ass is shitty deeply. I wanna have fun with you all over. Stick your nose to my asshole and I encourage you to sniff. But still don’t touch your dick. I just wanna see how it’s getting hard from this dirty ass view without provide any touching.
All right, go on. I play with the plug and it’s time to turn around into squat and get ready your dick to my delicious shit. I release a massive creamy shit on you and I bet you wanna cum immediately. You can’t do that just enjoy my warm shit. I going to give you a messy handjobs and let you cum all over on my hands while I talk to you dirty. We had so much fun and look at that mess what’ve made once again. Next time I want to hear from you your nasty fantasies Have fun.

Length: 17:15s
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