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Copro Mix Pack № 2 – 2021 – 12 Shit video

Anal Delicacy






Release Year: 2021
Video language: English
Genre: Scat, Piss, Solo, Big shit, Panty, Outdoor, Dildo, Smearing
Your Mistress comes home after attending a fancy charity event, full and ready to burst! You’re commanded to savor and swallow every rectal morsel I give you–with thorough instruction, and bragging rights. All those other snooty rich people can keep their “amazing Japanese toilets”, I’ve got the very best kind of toilet right under me… a LIVE one 😉


Title: Anal Delicacy.mp4
File Size:1.62 GB
Video:avc1||4096×2160|29.970 FPS|20.0 Mb/s
Audio:|AAC LC||44.1 kHz|2 channels| |159 kb/s

Anal_Delicacy – (4 x 553.66 MB)


MASSIVE Dump Toilet Training






I birth an absolutely MASSIVE shit on a fancy plate for you babe, and tell you how to savor my entire load, piece by piece. You’ll love my detailed close-ups, the beautiful varied textures and the unique bi-colored features of this EPIC load. You are going to absolutely fall in LOVE with my shit.


Title: MASSIVE Dump Toilet Training.mp4
File Size:1.37 GB
Video:avc1||4096×2160|29.970 FPS|19.6 Mb/s
Audio:|AAC LC||44.1 kHz|2 channels| |141 kb/s

MASSIVE_Dump_Toilet_Training – (4 x 467.20 MB)


My New Scat Make Up Yoga Pants Shit






Video filmed in VLOG Style. I show you how I start my day. First scene it’s about to watch me wake up in my cute pink pajamas then change them to my workout gear and flashing off my naked body for moments. I modelling in red yoga pants sports bra set and invite you to come with me and watch me wake up my body. Then I do some sexy exercise for awhile, focus on ass, and doing lots of squats behind and as nothing happened I poo straight into yoga pants and I just keep doing my morning routine workout. So while I’m doing lots of sexy squats poo appear and soak my red gear and tell you how warm is that. Poop rub against my bare ass and pussy. I show it inside pants and also peeing strong stream. Well the next step is to apply my new make up front of you, are you ready? We’re at the bathroom right now and I can’t wait to put on my regular make up and spice up with a new scat makeup today. What a special day. My poo exactly what I wanted to put on my beautiful face. While I make thick layer of poo talking about my first memory of poop accidentally in pants on my way to somewhere. My first naughty and bit awkward experience ever. I talk about how stinky and smelly my poo on face, but I make sure to apply over on my face and put under my nose too to sniff it. I also smear poo on chest and abs and keep teasing you. You’ve fallen love with the dirty scat covered abs, chest view and thick shit layer on face. Wow what a new modern makeup I’ve found out. The best ever. Have fun 🙂


Title: My New Scat Make Up Yoga Pants Shit.mp4
File Size:1.99 GB
Video:avc1||1920×1080|25.000 FPS|10.2 Mb/s
Audio:|AAC LC||44.1 kHz|2 channels| |151 kb/s

My_New_Scat_Make_Up_Yoga_Pants_Shit – (3 x 679.66 MB)


New Mistress, and Karina’s new record






I am the constant toilet slave of Mistress Karina. From time to time I have to give up all my business and go to her because of her desire to take a shit in the mouth of a man. She absolutely does not care that I can be busy with important things. I shouldn’t make her angry, and I should follow her whims. Karina loves a lot and delicious food, while remaining a slender girl. With all this, she almost always poops by massive amounts of shit. I really like Mistress Karina, I really like the taste and smell of her poop and I like that she gives out a lot of shit and feeds me to my fill. Karina likes to arrange surprises and sometimes invites her friendgirls to meetings. Some of them just want to look and try to shit in the mouth of a slave at least once. The other part of girls uses in the future my mouth more than once. Each time, a new girl makes me fear and anxiety. Will she like me? Will I be able to eat her shit? What if she turns out to be ugly and she makes me eat her shit? Today is no exception, and Karina invited her friend to a meeting in her country house. Her name is Alina. I sighed with relief, because Alina turned out to be a pretty enough girl. And I can eat shit from pretty girls with no problem. Unfortunately, this time I was not able to taste Alina’s poops. The girl was not psychologically ready for this. However, I had the opportunity to admire her slim figure, beautiful ass, her anus. I even sniffed her ass. However, I was not left without a “chocolate treat” this time. Mistress Karina gave a shit in my mouth both for herself and for Alina. Oh my God! How much shit she had given out! The first portion completely filled my mouth and formed a hill. The second portion was softer and smaller. The third portion (dessert) was in the form of several peas. This is a record! Never before Mistress Karina has given out shit so much. And I’ve never taken so many poops from one girl at a time.


Title: New Mistress, and Karina’s new record .mp4
File Size:1.10 GB
Video:avc1||1920×1080|25.000 FPS|10.2 Mb/s
Audio:|AAC LC||44.1 kHz|2 channels| |151 kb/s

New_Mistress_and_Karina_s_new_record_ – (3 x 375.03 MB)


Pooping in a big bowl, eat shit







Title: Pooping in a big bowl, eat shit.mp4
File Size:1.54 GB
Video:avc1||1920×1080|30.000 FPS|14.1 Mb/s
Audio:|AAC LC||48.0 kHz|2 channels| |192 kb/s

Pooping_in_a_big_bowl_eat_shit – (3 x 524.46 MB)


Puke Shitty and Puke Play






My tits tied, I pump my ass ring, I fuck my piss hole, I use the fist toy and dirty it with shit, I clamp my nipples and ride a huge toy with my shitty ass, I deepthroat and gag on myself and to puke on shitty dildo. Then I take the shit from the floor and fist it back into my ass, use huge pump on huge shitty prolapse, use the doggy inflatable in prolapse, then pump up knot super big for a grand stretch of my asshole, then massage shitty big prolapse.


Title: Puke Shitty and Puke Play.mp4
File Size:2.57 GB
Video:avc1||1920×1080|25.000 FPS|10.2 Mb/s
Audio:|AAC LC||44.1 kHz|2 channels| |151 kb/s

Puke_Shitty_and_Puke_Play – (3 x 876.64 MB)


Sexy Shit From A Sexy Arse







Title: Sexy Shit From A Sexy Arse.mp4
File Size:815 MB
Video:avc1||1920×1080|25.000 FPS|10.2 Mb/s
Audio:|AAC LC||44.1 kHz|2 channels| |151 kb/s

Sexy_Shit_From_A_Sexy_Arse – (3 x 272 MB)


Sly toilet slut, shitting and eating shit






I teach my slave girls love shit, be in shit, eat shit. It was test of endurance. Maya fell in love with shit so quickly that I decided to see how long she could endure if she wanted to shit, but I told her not shitting. It turned out, quite a short time and more than that, she shitting in her hand, ate of shit and smeared herself. Innocently looking at me and blinking, she said that she ate shit as a punishment for not enduring and taking a shit. Here’s sly toilet slut
1. She wants shitting, wants eat shit
I tied my toilet bitch in the room and strictly told her to be patient, wait for me and not shit. And this toilet slut, sat sat and still shit herself. She shit in her hands and started eating shit, smearing by face, clothing and masturbating. Well, what to do with her, insatiable and uncontrolled, so loved shit. I gave her dildo and she began satisfy herself by shoving it in her pussy, and fingers in dirty ass. Began lick and suck him, insatiable bitch. I’ll have accept it, I brought up shit-nymphomaniac, insatiable and adoring shit
2. We love being in shit all day
I train all my toilet slave girls to shit. I love when they serve me dirty, all in shit, go in this form all day. Usually I have to make slave girls walk in shit, but with Maya it was different. She was happy to stay in the shit all day. Most of all, she liked when I smeared her from head to toe with shit, along with her hair. She is very perverted and insatiable shit eater and shit fetishist. I don’t mind walking around the house dirty in shit myself. I like smell of shit on my body, I like feel of shit. It’s so exciting


Title: Sly toilet slut, shitting and eating shit .mp4
File Size:1.50 GB
Video:avc1||1920×1080|25.000 FPS|10.2 Mb/s
Audio:|AAC LC||44.1 kHz|2 channels| |151 kb/s

Sly_toilet_slut_shitting_and_eating_shit_ – (3 x 512 MB)


Soft smelly poop on the toilet






I sat on the toilet and made a lot of soft poop from the front;


Title: Soft smelly poop on the toilet.mp4
File Size:1.01 GB
Video:avc1||2560×1440|29.970 FPS|31.8 Mb/s
Audio:|AAC LC||48.0 kHz|2 channels| |178 kb/s

Soft_smelly_poop_on_the_toilet – (4 x 345.70 MB)


Taste And Smear My Scat






You’ve watched my videos and your dream is to finally play with mine…
Well now you can….
You love my ass they drive you wild so im going to tease you with it make that dick hard and i lay on my front and push a hard load from that sweet asshole…
You want to smear my scat dont you you want to eat it and wank…. Follow me and il give you the best cum youve ever had…


Title: Taste And Smear My Scat.mp4
File Size:1.32 GB
Video:avc1||1920×1080|30.000 FPS|5780 kb/s
Audio:|AAC LC||48.0 kHz|2 channels| |144 kb/s

Taste_And_Smear_My_Scat – (3 x 451.01 MB)


Yana plays with her shit






Hello, my darlings. In this video you will see my sex with shit. I caressed myself, masturbated while sitting on the couch. Then I didn’t give a damn about a big pile of shit. It was warm and fragrant. I decided to use it unusual. I took a condom and filled it with my shit. I got a guilty dick. I sucked a condom with shit, as if your cock. Then I completely immersed the condom with the poop in my pussy and so masturbated and jerked off the clitoris. I either took out a condom or thrust it into myself again. So I had fun this time.


Title: Yana plays with her shit.mp4
File Size:1.14 GB
Video:avc1||1920×1080|29.970 FPS|10.2 Mb/s
Audio:|AAC LC||44.1 kHz|2 channels| |192 kb/s

Yana_plays_with_her_shit – (3 x 389.84 MB)


You are ass cleaner






It is like a beautiful dream. You have everything you dreamed about. These beautiful views! You are in heaven. You want to masturbate. Sexy girl encourages you to do it. She is dancing in front of your face. She shakes her butt for you. You love it. You love beautiful butts. Now you have your ass only to yourself. The one and the best. She is talking to you … I want you cum on her ass hole. But… wait. Something has changed. She is not so nice anymore. She want you to smell her ass and lick her hole… dirty hole… stinky… she messed her panties. Now you’re her own slave. Her ass cleaner.


Title: You are ass cleaner.mp4
File Size:1.58 GB
Video:avc1||1920×1080|29.970 FPS|20.6 Mb/s
Audio:|AAC LC||48.0 kHz|2 channels| |317 kb/s

You_are_ass_cleaner – (3 x 538.71 MB)

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