MissAnja – I Make My Pants Super Dirty For Daddy

This video is a taboo role play fantasy video! I wear a tiny blue short and white top on. I get into my room and Daddy was in already. Why did you come in just by your own? You should knock first don’t you think? I am get ready myself to go out with some of my friend for a night out. Go out daddy. Ok I know Mom said I was bad and made a mistake when I failed on one of my exam but Daddy to everyone can happen. I will study much more but not today. Go out of my room. Why you look at my like this? It’s kinda weird. What did you say to me? Wanna see my ass. Wtf Daddy? I can’t believe you’re telling me like this. I know I love this short pants but why you ask me to make it dirty it’s sound scary.Get out of my room right now. You can’t ask me to do such a nasty thing like this. Ok I show you my ass but then can you go out of my room? I show ass but Daddy wants more. I hesitate to pull down pants but I do. Was it enough? Happy now? I’m so fucking ready to go out. But you wanna get more. Want to make dirty this pants with hot shit. That is more than nasty don’t you think just because I didn’t study enough to get over on the exam’ Daddy also found my dildo and want me to lick and put into my ass to fuck myself and use it front of him. Is it turning you on or what? Your dick get hard I can’t believe it. I do play with my asshole and it’s good but awkward him watching me. I fuck my asshole in doggy. But keep it in your mind Daddy this is the first and last that I do front of you. I do also enema into my pants which is make big mess in it. I make it dirty with shitty ass liquids and more of shit all about it. This is your dirty secret Daddy I got it now. So the thing is I do whatever you ask from me but If you don’t want I tell to anyone you never ever come into my room again. Did you understand me Daddy? Lots of shit and mess in my cute short I see you can’t control your dick. I do enema few times and keep fucking my shitty hole. Hope you’ll never ever forget this day because never would be happen again. I tell someone is knocking at the door so hurry to jerk off Daddy because I have to change my clothes once again before I go out. Was it enough? Great because if you don’t want I share your filthy secret never wanna see you again in my room. Have fun….

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MissAnja – Bloody Finger Licking, Shitty Dildo Play, Body Worship

I wear a sexy transparent peach colored top on. I also have undie on. I start with lots of sexy talk and showing off my body, tease you with my perky tits, make my nipples hard and asking you to worship my beautiful body. Can you do that to me? I wanna hear from you why do you really love watching me, my firm and sexy body, why are you craving to get more and more of me while you worship me and every inch of me. Touching myself which make you hard am I right? I don’t tell you to jerk but for sure you got the feeling please yourself. I encourage you instead. ?? Be dirty and naughty as I am. I love hearing you worship me. Not really when I want whenever you want. I guide you through on my body parts which I want you to worship and show love. Shower me in your love and you get rewards. I have to pee as well and Telling the truth I am on my period which mean bloody pussy fun but it’s a mild one. First of all I have to pee the I brought 2 glass to fill them up. Clear close view to 2 glass of my warm pee. Let’s get naughty then and I soak my fingers in pee then let dripping pee drops directly to my mouth and taste it. Great taste have it ?? I repeat this few times then decide to insert my fingers deep into my pussy and make it bloody then lick it off. Smudge some blood on it and taste it. I also sniff and lick the menstrual pad a bit. I love being on my period even if it’s mild but smell and taste of my blood it’s just good. Well I wouldn’t like to tell you to worship me and being good to me then you can get more of me. I have a dildo and penetrate to asshole. At the beginning didn’t feel have to poo or not but dildo play make me shit. I make shitty dildo close up. Dirty, gaping asshole and stinky shit covered dildo. Keep playing and pooping a cute one then encourage you about cum. Yes I give you permission to cum. ?? In the video you get menstrual pussy view, finger licking, pee tasting, dildo anal fun and pooping with sexy and some dirty talk. But the main point is worship me ?? Have fun!…

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LoveRachelle – I Want You Choking On My Piss and Shit!

You want my shit so bad you’ll even order it when I’m far away, slave. And in this video, I tell you *exactly* how I want you to serve your Mistress as her toilet. I won’t go easy on you, either. You’ll take all my shit and piss, slave, no mercy! Are you ready to serve? Then open up your containers, slave, and take in the rich stink of my shit and bottled piss. Savor the senses… and hold back, until I tell you what to do. You get to watch me tease and strip for you, first, while I tell you how badly I need to go, and how I’ve been holding it in just for you to watch, how my hot shit is just waiting to pour out my ass. Alright, get ready, slave… because I don’t want you to JUST eat and drink my shit and piss… I want you to go further, I want you to devour my filth like a savage, and abandon your dignity to satisfy me. I’ll tell you ruthlessly while I flick my wet clit how I want you to put that waste to good use!…

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modelnatalya94 – liquid diarrhea on the legs and the fly on the ass

Today was a beautiful day and Olga and I will be continuing to release videos from our trips. We went into the clearing, and I began to pick flowers under my skirt was not panties, and I duck and the operator removes my pussy that peeks out from under the skirt, gathering some flowers I raise the shirt to my chest took a little sunbathing, and I continue to pick flowers, I raise my skirt and begin to pick flowers and walk through the meadow with a bare ass, I take a different posture pose, then comes up to me and Olga, too, bare their Breasts, and together we have collected a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers. I want to shit, I’m stepping away from Olga stand up to cancer and here I was beginning divisible diarrhea, all the grass in the shit and shit teket on my legs, on my ass immediately saditsja fly. For me this action continues to make it too Olga gets cancer and is also shits and pisses on the grass. Our fucking legs and ass all in the shit, but we’re starting to pose for you. We walk through the meadow with dirty Asses and on our feet flows the shit. We are ready to perform video on demand on your scenario. Write your suggestions in private messages…

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Evamarie88 – Plushie Shit Destruction

Watch me destroy this pathertic plushie…….. I make him sniff my pussy and ass then pee all over his face. Now stick your nose right inside my shithole sniff my log inside… I stick him inside my panties and poop a little it sticks to his nose now lay down im going to shit all over you.. I squat above him and release hard shit onto his face then get it and give him one hell of a shit destruction…. Smearing it over his eyes, belly, mouth making him a dirty little scat slave……
This is only the beginning Im going to use and abuse you day in…….. day out …

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Evamarie88 – Panty Pooing JERK off INSTRUCTIONS

Watch me show off my polka dot knickers, i then pee them and tell you how good it feels.. I then ask you to wank that dick till the end of the video when i let you cum all over my pretty face.. I push out a huge shit in my pants making a huge bulge in my pants i then show you whats inside before pushing some more shit out and adding it to the panties.. I then give you a cum countdown to cum all over my face
Love being a Naughty Girl.

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